Medieval 2 Total War Gold

Medieval 2 Total War Gold

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This compilation includes Medieval II: Total War and the expansion...

This compilation includes Medieval II: Total War and the expansion pack Kingdoms. Medieval II: Total War features: A grand campaign spanning 1080 - 1530 and based within Europe, The Middle East and South America.

21 factions and 250 new units. Play as a Christian nation and choose to obey or defy the pope. Play as a Muslim faction and wage Jihad upon the infidels.

Establish trade routes, send spies to enemy territory, marry daughters to ensnare rival generals or assassinate the Pope to place your cardinals within the Vatican.

Outstanding, genre leading graphics. Vastly improved multiplayer making online faster to setup and enjoy. Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms (Expansion Pack) features: More than 75 hours of epic new gameplay.

Four huge new campaigns - Britannia, The Crusades, The Teutonic Wars and The Americas. 13 new playable factions, including Aztec and Native American factions.

Over 150 new units, including the devastating Greek Flamethrower. Follow in the steps of Hern¡n Cort©s and explore a vastly expanded New World map.

Open up a wide array of new regions in the Americas, plus four brand new factions and a cast of new agent characters. Experience unprecedented detail, including 30 regions of Britain and a region map of Teutonic Europe.

Control multiple armies in battle - command reinforcement armies. New hero characters feature powerful battlefield abilities - encounter a huge roster of new historical characters and events.

Build permanent forts to garrison troops or seize control of key strategic points. New technology trees influenced by religion and prestige. Take on all-new mission types.

Six new multiplayer scenarios and 20 new custom battle maps. Two players can now share a campaign with the new Hotseat multiplayer mode. Min. requirements:Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven.

1. 5GHz Pentium IV, AMD Processor or equivalent. 512MB RAM. 11GB HDD Space. Soun Card (16-bit DirectX 9. 0c compatible). 128MB Graphics Card with Shader 1 support (DirectX 9.

1024x768 screen resolution or above.

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